& By clicking on these icons, you can add logos, clipart, and images to your design. If you wish to view more clipart, simply click the 'More Cliparts' button. Once you have found the desired clipart, download it to your PC and insert it into your design.

 By clicking on this icon, you can easily switch to other readily available design templates, alleviating the need for you to spend too much time coming up with your own design ideas.

T Clicking on this icon will provide you with the option to select from various font styles, including Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, which can enhance the quality of your design.

Design Editor User Guide Video

Click Tab and select each menu to learn how to use design editor

Important Reminder - Outside of bleed Line will not be included in printing document

Correct Right: The image is extended to the edges of the document.There will be no white border showing after this is cut.

Incorrect Left: The image is just extended to the trim line, but does not bleed to the edge. White border may show at the edge of document.