#02 - Text – Add or Edit Text Data

How to add or edit text

    1. For New Text : Click  add text

  1. Edit Text over the Template  - Select  Text to edit over the Template then Double Click Select Text field
  2. You can delete existing text and type new one  or you can delete and edit Text here also

Text Editor

  1. Change font size - Esay to
  2. Outline Text - Make text outlined
  3. Change Text Color - Change Text Color by using color picker
  4. Opacity - Put Opacity to text so that you can make professional effect
  5. Alignment - Easy to make text group alignment
  6. Bold format -
  7. Editor Provides  Standard Text Style  Italic , Underline , Line through, Overline, Decoration.
  8. Editor Provides Special Text Effect for Professional Designer - Curved , Reverse , Arc , Small to Large , Large to Small , Bulge Tests