FREE Shipping - 4 to 7 Days to Philippines

Is it really FREE SHIPPING to My Doorstep?

  • Yes, right. Our price ₱800 for 250 pcs is an inclusive shipping fee delivered to your doorstep in Philippines. Delivery will be executed by well-known Shopee. Need not to worry about failed delivery.

It Takes 4 To 7 Days For Delivery Lead Time?

  • Yes! Our Production takes only one day (+1 day). Upon completion of production, it will be sent directly to Shopee Logistics Warehouse in Korea (+1 day). It will be shipped to the Philippines Shopee Sorting Center the next day (+1 day). Rest are same as local delivery.

What is Shipping Process by Shopee Logistics?

  • Shopee is now available in Korea to Philippines. If you order calling card to our Korea Shopee Store (,your calling card will be processed according to Shopee Logistics. It takes only 4 (NCR) to 7 days (Visayas and Mindanao) to deliver to your door steps.

Can I Track My Order In Real Time?

Your ordered product will be 100% delivered by Shopee Logistics (CheckoutShopee now). These are the two different options you can choose:

  • If you place an orderfrom our Korea Shopee Store ( You can track your order at your Shopee account page (the tracking process is same)..
  • If you order or purchase through this website, we will ship your calling card under our account. Billing address will be of our company. Later, thedelivery address will be assigned as per your address— to ensure Shopee deliverscalling cards to your door steps. We will send you Tracking Numberthrough our website. You can track your shipping at JT&T logistics website instead of your own Shopee account.

Do I need to order in Korea(

You are not required to order from our Korea Shopee Store (, but there are some exceptions:

  • Option 1 – Ordering Korea Shopee & Pay to Shopee direct –>You can track your order delivery status through your own Shopee account.
  • Option 2 – Ordering from our website and Pay to Gcash or Bank Transfer to us —> We will pay to Shopee while we will also assign delivery address to you. We will send Tracking Number to your account at our website. You must track your delivery at JT&T website— not from Shopee Account
  • Option 3– Ordering from our website and Pay as Purchase Order for corporate account –> We will place your order at Korea Shopee Store (, but we will send a request to Shopee logistics to deliverit at your company address for your ease. We will consider your Purchase Order as Payment

Is It Possible to Ship With Other Korea Products?

Yes, you can. If you want to buy some product from Korea, we can add those products with your calling cardshipping. It will costonlyadditional ₱9 for 10 grams. Kindly contact us to avail the service.


What Kind Of Printing Technology Are You Using?

We are using 8 colour offset printing machines, which are way better than laser printers or inkjet printers.
Usually the most inexpensive, high-quality offset printing machine provides satisfactory result.

What Is The Default Specification Of A Calling Card?

This is our default callingcard specification, You can send email to us If you want other requests like paper change , Size , Embossing, Corner Rounding ,Etc

  • Size : 91 mm x 55 mm
  • Double Side Printing
  • Art Paper 250 GSM
  • Matt Finish – Laminated
  • Water & Tear Proof / Made in Korea

Why Is The Price So Cheap? Any Hidden Fee?

Our production line is fully systemized, so that we process your order by bulk batch— without any human labour. It results ina relatively low production cost. We have a digital system sorting from design, production to delivery. We are consistently gathering each artwork file around the world,
We don’t do these follows bellow

  • Wait for more orders to process printing— because we need to spend basic setting time and expense. To maximize efficiency,we need to wait for another order to print in batch.
  • Offset Printer size is small for printing maximum number of calling cards.

Our process is Different:

  • We are getting orders from all over the world. We layout all files at onetime. 1,000 kinds of calling cards for one printing. Since we have a lot of order in line, we do not wait for gathering orders.
  • We print 1,000 calling cards at a single printing batch through a huge capacity offset printer.
  • We process 1,000 calling cards in one batch which reduces production cost.
  • This is the reason why our prices are relatively low.