If you have difficulties finding a good designer or have seldom requirements for design, we are at your service. You do not need to spend the entire salary on designers. Just pay as per design.We don't prefer conventional ways of business transactions like sending files and confirming through email or phone.
All transactions are done digitally— truly efficient and time-saving.Kindly send us your sample image and creative ideas here. We will give you a recommended image here.We can communicate via this board. All our communication will be sent to you by email simultaneously.
디자이너 채용이 부담되시는 분들을 위하여 디자인을 해드립니다. 관련된 이미지를 올려주시고 원하시는 디자인 을 설명해 주시면 초안을 만들어 보내 드립니다. ( 유료 )

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