3rd Party Payment – Click to go to Shopee Payment

If you face any difficulties to make a payment. We accept the easiest payment system including G Cash or Shopee. But you need to provide us your payment proof in screenshot or transaction Reference No, date and other extra payment details. – G Cash 송금 또는 Shopee 를 통하여 ê²°ì œ 가능

Step 1: Customise your design and place an order first at -  본 사이트에서 디자인을 하신후 주문을 진행 합니다.
Step 2: Complete Order Processing via 3rd party payment gateway – ê²°ì œ 방식 옵션중에 3rd Party Payment 를 선택 합니다.
Step 3: Make Payment through G Cash or Shopee Payment – 해당 금액을 지정 계좌로 송금 또는  Shopee Payment 를 통하여 지불합니다.
Step 4: Log into –> Go to My account –> Open your order – 본 사이트에 접속하여 주문 ì •ë³´ 페이지를 엽니다
Step 5: Attach or fill up payment information under the order detail page –
Shopee Payment 로 구매 한경우 ORDER ID , G Cash 로 송금한 경우  레퍼런스 번호를 주문 내용에 결제 정보 란에 입력 합니다.
Step 6: Done – 완료

YOUNG K.(0917-801-7253)



For company clients, we accept company’s Purchase Order. We will process your order based on your Purchase Order. Our payment collection will follow your company’s terms and conditions.


Currently, we don’t accept local payments. We accept PayPal, you can pay through PayPal. Create your PayPal account now (if you don’t have one).